Basketball Dribbling Drills

Dribbling is one of the most important skills that a basketball player must acquire. If you know how to maneuver the ball in such a way that your opponents will be confused then you are a winner.  It doesn’t only give you an advantage over your opponents it also improves your overall value in the game. Being good in dribbling does not happen overnight though, amateurs and professionals alike spend lots of time and sometimes even money to be good in dribbling. And coaches even create special programs just for the sole purpose of improving their players dribbling skills.

It goes to say that a person who cannot dribble will never be a good basketball player. Basketball is more than just shooting and throwing the ball around. Dribbling plays a lot in the game. This can be used both defensively and offensively in the court. Knowing the kinds of techniques that could improve this skill is essential in any one’s success. Adapting to the game requires honing this skill for on the court dribbling is one of the basic armory a basketball player should have. Rarely does a player not need to dribble a ball before passing. Maximizing this skill will ensure the teams strong offensive and defensive plays.

Basketball Dribbling DrillsDribbling drills once integrated in daily routines results in optimum performance. It does not only improve in the way you handle the ball it also improves a lot more in you. Control of the ball starts with dribbling. The better you dribble, the better you can control the ball. It promotes eye and hand coordination in many levels. And when done with more difficulty such as two hand dribbling, it also increases your flexibility in ball handling and dribbling. Constant drill practice also build strength and dexterity. A strong body translates well in the court.

Using a full court for basketball dribbling drills is one incredible way of building speed and stamina. Running while dribbling and dribbling while standing are two kinds of dribbling that a player should practice. Being good on these two forms will help a lot in mastering dribbling. Getting the ball across the court with ease and successfully maneuvering it in front of your opponent are only a few uses of ball dribbling drills. When playing in the court dribbling practice also promotes quick thinking. Being able to think while dribbling becomes an important tool in winning the game.

Currently there are a lot of basic basketball dribbling drills that player do in and out of the court. They maximize the players ability to handle the ball in different situation. Some drills also promote teamwork and camaraderie. Learning all kinds of techniques will also help players understand and read other opponents movement. Knowing these techniques will help in strategy formulating and overall winning, Mastering techniques will make dribbling easier. It will be like doing it even without thinking, the ball virtually becomes an extension of your body.
One of the most common basketball dribbling drill around is called Figure 8. This happens by interweaving the ball between the legs and successfully defending the ball from the opponents. Being successful with this requires a lot of practice. Doing this without looking down on your legs and the ball is difficult without enough practice. The figure 8 motion helps in the control of the ball and the familiarity of your body to the distance between your legs.

Other simple enough drills to are the Crossover Dribbles, Up and Downs and Front V. Most of these drills promote control rather speed. As you go along these drills you can increase the difficulty and in turn increase your speed. Dribbling drills also promote rhythm and balance. Feeling the beat as you move along the court creates flow in your movement making it hard for you to be read. Easier fake moves and crossovers happen naturally and individual style follow later.

Remember that one of the most basic skill one need to learn to be able to be good in basketball is ball dribbling. You can create various plays in the court when you know how to handle the ball greatly. Assists and penetrations become very easy tasks to an experience dribbler. You become a greater asset because you can break down any moves thrown to you by an opponent. The secret to this is having an effective basketball dribbling drill which you can achieve with constant practice and unwavering dedication.

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