Drills For Basketball

Basketball is a pretty though sport. Players and coaches spend lots of time practicing and ensuring their game plays are always on the top of things. Basketball drills play a lot in their games and on their training. Offensive and defensive plays rely substantially on how these drills go. There are different kinds of drills for basketball to address a player’s need and skill level. Practice of these drills will create players that are well suited for this game.

There is a lot of drills for basketball to choose from. Ball handling drills, dribbling drills, shooting drills, one on one drills and team drills are just a few examples to mention. Each of these drills targets different aspects of the game. Balancing everything requires hard work but if one succeeds with these, it can produce incredible results. Drills are pure hard work on the basketball players part. A player must have dedication, focus and passion in order to be able to constantly follow through on each one. Resilience is one of the secret to a successful drill practice.

Basketball drills

Ball Handling Drills

Ball handling is one of the most basic skill a player must learn in order to become a basketball player. Ball handling drills for basketball are the key to becoming a better player. When a player continuously practice drills, they become well in tuned with their bodies and mind. These drills develop a players hand-eye coordination and balance. Rebounds, blocks and steals are few of the examples a player can learn from this drills. Moreover, ball handling drills help players in successfully delivering the ball to both their teammates and the hoop.

Ball handling drills also help a player train his “other hand” in ball handling. Usually, a player can only use his dominant hand for most his games. A well trained player in ball handling can manipulate the ball using either of his hands when needed. This means, he has a greater advantage over his opponents. He can switch hands in order to prevent the opponent from stealing the ball, or assist a teammate in making a score with a fake pass. Being able to control the ball with either hands give players upper hands in the game. (more…)

Basketball Shooting Drills

The vital objective in the game of basketball is to score by making shots in the hoop. An aspiring basketball player needs proper fundamentals and basketball shooting drills to have high – percentage shooting opportunities. In rare cases, basketball players with relatively weak shooting ability but excellent athletic skill or an incomparable set of skills can contribute enormously to their team on other facets of the game. All other players must understand this technical skill in order for their team to bring home the bacon.

A pure shooter has level, free – flowing movement and soft stroke.  Several people think pure shooters were born with such talent, but this is a mistaken belief. Exceptional shooters were made, not born. These players take shots so smoothly that others think they are naturally gifted, but this “gifts” are the result of their tons of training and proper mind – set. Ray Allen, Steve Nash and Larry Bird, started off as a newbie at one period, however, each one of them developed into a tremendous shooter through with their commitment of practicing basketball shooting drills.

Basketball Shooting Drills

Balanced Stance

Good stability leads to control and rhythmic power of the shot. In maintaining player’s balance, proper foot position matters. When assuming this standpoint, shooter’s shoulder should be relaxed and slightly pointed towards the basket. Feet must be stretch comfortably about shoulder’s width and point toes directly at the forefront. Moreover, shooter’s head is positioned over the waist and feet and slightly forward to maintain body balance.

Focusing on the Target

Player’s eyes should be focused on aiming the basket to avoid blowing the hot. Players must be trained to focus on the rim or more specifically, the eyelet that grips the net.  Maintain focus on the target until the ball hits the hoop. Player’s eyes should never chase the flight of the ball or the defender’s hand. Proper concentration on target in spite of any disturbances and movements are extremely valuable. In this basketball shooting drill, player develops his steadiness and accuracy in making shots. (more…)

Ball Handling Drills

People who dribble good on the court do not just look good but they also play good. Ball handling drills are essential to any basketball player’s success. There are currently a lot of resources that could be found on the net on how to get these set of skills develop. Most of them are free. And there are those that cost something but are highly effective. To know what you need, you must understand and your the level you are in. Ball handling drills will be an investment if you want to be a better basketball player in the near future.

Some players believe that ball handling plays only a little part in the game. The truth is, nowadays, professional players and coaches are making programs to train in better ball handling. They understand the importance of this skill more than anyone else. In order to perform well in the court, professional players even double their time in practicing their ball handling skills. And coaches get professional help to create better ball dribbling skills. They know that a better ball handler is always a better player on the court.

Ball Handling Drills

Ball handling is more than just passing the ball and getting it from one player to another. The key to an effective ball handling drill is maximizing the players natural abilities and improving their weak ones. This is done by constantly following a strict routine over a period of time. Ball handling drills strengthens the ability of a player to maximize all of his instruments. For example, practicing ball dribbling on a “other hand” increases the chances of a player to successfully defend the ball. Ball handling drills also strengthens the wrists and hands of players.

It is true that some players do not have excellent ball handling skills even professional ones for that matter. The thing is, not all of us have their natural quickness and extremely skillful dexterity in the court. That is why effective ball handling drills are necessary to any aspiring basketball player. Control of the ball, speed dribbling and use of both hands makes an all around player. Practicing ball handling drills over time will successfully and effectively make you the player you always wanted to be.

Effective Ball Handling Program helps anyone to become the dream player they always wanted to be. Start from a beginner and graduate to a professional level in a matter of weeks. Follow the drills especially created for a better ball handling technique and you will surely experience success in your endeavors. Be the best basketball player you can be by following this best ball handling program.

Basketball Dribbling Drills

Dribbling is one of the most important skills that a basketball player must acquire. If you know how to maneuver the ball in such a way that your opponents will be confused then you are a winner.  It doesn’t only give you an advantage over your opponents it also improves your overall value in the game. Being good in dribbling does not happen overnight though, amateurs and professionals alike spend lots of time and sometimes even money to be good in dribbling. And coaches even create special programs just for the sole purpose of improving their players dribbling skills.

It goes to say that a person who cannot dribble will never be a good basketball player. Basketball is more than just shooting and throwing the ball around. Dribbling plays a lot in the game. This can be used both defensively and offensively in the court. Knowing the kinds of techniques that could improve this skill is essential in any one’s success. Adapting to the game requires honing this skill for on the court dribbling is one of the basic armory a basketball player should have. Rarely does a player not need to dribble a ball before passing. Maximizing this skill will ensure the teams strong offensive and defensive plays.

Basketball Dribbling DrillsDribbling drills once integrated in daily routines results in optimum performance. It does not only improve in the way you handle the ball it also improves a lot more in you. Control of the ball starts with dribbling. The better you dribble, the better you can control the ball. It promotes eye and hand coordination in many levels. And when done with more difficulty such as two hand dribbling, it also increases your flexibility in ball handling and dribbling. Constant drill practice also build strength and dexterity. A strong body translates well in the court.

Using a full court for basketball dribbling drills is one incredible way of building speed and stamina. Running while dribbling and dribbling while standing are two kinds of dribbling that a player should practice. Being good on these two forms will help a lot in mastering dribbling. Getting the ball across the court with ease and successfully maneuvering it in front of your opponent are only a few uses of ball dribbling drills. When playing in the court dribbling practice also promotes quick thinking. Being able to think while dribbling becomes an important tool in winning the game. (more…)

Basketball Passing Drills

Another basic skill a basketball player must have is passing. Having this skill well perfected will provide basketball players the ability to effectively transfer the ball from one another. A great way to improve this skill is by continually practicing passing drills. But just practice alone will not do it. Stressing the correct way of doing this drill also plays a vital role in increasing its effectiveness.

Passing is required for any offensive play to work. For example, to execute the beginning of a fast break, a player who goes for the rebound needs to get the ball outside of his opponent’s half court. To do this needs a lot of practice, for this is one of the most critical stage of the play. Even professional players stress the importance of passing drills in a team’s routine.Once the ball is on the offensive team’s court, they use different kinds of of passes to move the ball to a score. Understanding the various kinds of pasess will allow better receiving of the ball. Knowing how to receive and catch a certain kind of pass will help ease the force of the ball once it lands on your hands.

For these passing drills to be incredibly successful on the court, a few tips and techniques must be followed. Basic understanding of these, will increase a players effectiveness and consistency on the game.

Start With The Basics

In executing any successful pass, it is always important to know the basic form and stand.Passing the ball without these basics will create trouble for you and your teammates on the court. For example, always pass the ball with two hands. Balls passed with one hand are more difficult to receive. These basic and fundamental rules must be integrated in every passing drill to create better absorption on players part. In time, these will be the bedrock of the players skills when creating their own styles in passing.

Basketball Passing Drills

Chest pass, overhead pass and bounce pass for example, all needs proper forms. Failing to use proper form will not make these passes successful. It may even cause your team to lose possession of the ball. You want the players to perfect these forms before going on to real live games. That is why constantly including them in every passing drill is important.

Follow Through

Once a player is familiar with the fundamentals of passing, move on to the various types of passing. In passing drills, give players a variety of passing they can execute in real live games. These will help them in the different situations they might encounter on the court. Chest pass, bounce pass, overhead pass and push pass are only a few styles that could be integrated in practice. (more…)

Basketball Drills For Guards

A basketball team cannot function well in a live game without one of its most important players, the point guard. Said to be the “play-maker” of the team, the point guard has very specific tasks that he needs to do when on the court. Creating plays and acting as the floor’s coach, he provides guidance to his teammates while the game is on going. In order to do these, the point guard must be equipped with skills like ball handling, dribbling, and passing. In order for him to accomplish what is expected of him, he must have a more than above average type of these set of skills. The only way to achieve this is by regularly performing and practicing different basketball drills for guards like himself.

Dribbling, passing, shooting and ball handling drills helps a point guard in more ways than one. Aside from improving a player’s skills, performing these drills gives the point guard a real perspective on how offense work. Since he is the one who is given the responsibility of ensuring the play is followed, he must be fast and highly skilled on the court. Basketball drills for guard helps him become this player. Once these drills are mastered, he will be able to create a smooth transition from defense to offense.

Basketball Drills For Guards

A point guard with these highly perfected skills will be able to provide great shooting opportunities for his team. He will also be able to assist his teammates in making these scores. Shooting drills also play a vital role in his perfection. A guard with a mean jump shot will make him the ace of his team. Point guards will also be more effective in making the other teams point guard useless, if he is able to master the different basketball drills for guards. All in all these drills will make a player the best point guard he can be.

Offensive Game Play

Since a point guard’s job is to execute an offensive play set by the coach. He must have a great understanding of the game. He must be able to use all his skills in setting and making the play successful. Among these skills that he must hone are ball handling, dribbling, passing and shooting. Combined and a balance set of these skills will make a great offensive play for the team.

Ball handling drills are the basic skill needed for a great point guard. Having a skillful set of abilities like this will enable the team to successfully deliver a point when planned. Good ball handling skills also helps a point guard maneuver the ball and get it into their half part of the court in the littlest time possible. Ball handling drills trains them to be quick on their feet and mind. (more…)