Creating a Successful Formula for Betting NBA Games

The NBA is an interesting wager, because the gambler has to keep up on the game they’re betting. Throughout the season, several teams will rest their star players, especially when there are back-to-back games. In addition, there are several times when a player has an injury and might be out for the game, but no one truly knows until the last minute. This can have a negative effect on any sports bettor.

In order to overcome these scenarios, it’s important to find a game where most players are playing. If there are still injuries, make sure those players won’t really have a major impact on the game. This can take some time to research, so make sure you allow yourself enough time to study each game. Often times, individuals will spend so much time researching, they will forget to place their wager before the game starts.

Betting NBA Games

The Old School Formula

Back in the mid-1990s, I used to have this solid formula for betting NBA basketball games. Over the past hour I’ve been trying to remember what it was, but nothing is coming to mind. However, over 40 games I was 37-2. This is a pretty huge winning percentage, and had I actually been betting at that time, I would have made a ton of money. However, the game has changed, and I’m pretty sure (whatever it was) my old school formula wouldn’t work.

One of the biggest reasons is because the rules today are much different than the 1990s. In those days, the NBA was full of post-up players who would get to the free-throw line consistently. Today, the 3-point game and fast breaks rule the league. A lack of free throws has a huge impact on spreads, as well as over and unders. The domino effect continues, because the lines Vegas throw out on a game fluctuate differently.

The Modern Day Formula

One area I like to research when gambling on the NBA, is what team will be playing at home after a road trip. If you go back and research the last 5 years, most of .500 hundred or better (in this scenario) won their first game back at home. In addition, the home team went to the free throw line more than their opponents. Building this knowledge will take some time, and itís good to wait until the first quarter of the season is over. During the first quarter of the season you can test this strategy by playing money lines and simply taking the home team.

If you succeed, then start wagering the spreads. I would even recommend betting on teasers, just to enhance the spreads. Taking a controlled approach in the beginning is a smart choice. It will allow you minimize your risk on the front-end, and increase your winnings on the back-end. Just make sure you don’t try to cut corners.  If you don’t spend the time researching, you’re considered a gambler. If you do the research and spot the smartest wagers, you’re considered a professional when it comes to wagering on NBA games.

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