Drills For Basketball

Basketball is a pretty though sport. Players and coaches spend lots of time practicing and ensuring their game plays are always on the top of things. Basketball drills play a lot in their games and on their training. Offensive and defensive plays rely substantially on how these drills go. There are different kinds of drills for basketball to address a player’s need and skill level. Practice of these drills will create players that are well suited for this game.

There is a lot of drills for basketball to choose from. Ball handling drills, dribbling drills, shooting drills, one on one drills and team drills are just a few examples to mention. Each of these drills targets different aspects of the game. Balancing everything requires hard work but if one succeeds with these, it can produce incredible results. Drills are pure hard work on the basketball players part. A player must have dedication, focus and passion in order to be able to constantly follow through on each one. Resilience is one of the secret to a successful drill practice.

Basketball drills

Ball Handling Drills

Ball handling is one of the most basic skill a player must learn in order to become a basketball player. Ball handling drills for basketball are the key to becoming a better player. When a player continuously practice drills, they become well in tuned with their bodies and mind. These drills develop a players hand-eye coordination and balance. Rebounds, blocks and steals are few of the examples a player can learn from this drills. Moreover, ball handling drills help players in successfully delivering the ball to both their teammates and the hoop.

Ball handling drills also help a player train his “other hand” in ball handling. Usually, a player can only use his dominant hand for most his games. A well trained player in ball handling can manipulate the ball using either of his hands when needed. This means, he has a greater advantage over his opponents. He can switch hands in order to prevent the opponent from stealing the ball, or assist a teammate in making a score with a fake pass. Being able to control the ball with either hands give players upper hands in the game. (more…)