Basketball Shooting Drills

The vital objective in the game of basketball is to score by making shots in the hoop. An aspiring basketball player needs proper fundamentals and basketball shooting drills to have high – percentage shooting opportunities. In rare cases, basketball players with relatively weak shooting ability but excellent athletic skill or an incomparable set of skills can contribute enormously to their team on other facets of the game. All other players must understand this technical skill in order for their team to bring home the bacon.

A pure shooter has level, free – flowing movement and soft stroke.  Several people think pure shooters were born with such talent, but this is a mistaken belief. Exceptional shooters were made, not born. These players take shots so smoothly that others think they are naturally gifted, but this “gifts” are the result of their tons of training and proper mind – set. Ray Allen, Steve Nash and Larry Bird, started off as a newbie at one period, however, each one of them developed into a tremendous shooter through with their commitment of practicing basketball shooting drills.

Basketball Shooting Drills

Balanced Stance

Good stability leads to control and rhythmic power of the shot. In maintaining player’s balance, proper foot position matters. When assuming this standpoint, shooter’s shoulder should be relaxed and slightly pointed towards the basket. Feet must be stretch comfortably about shoulder’s width and point toes directly at the forefront. Moreover, shooter’s head is positioned over the waist and feet and slightly forward to maintain body balance.

Focusing on the Target

Player’s eyes should be focused on aiming the basket to avoid blowing the hot. Players must be trained to focus on the rim or more specifically, the eyelet that grips the net.  Maintain focus on the target until the ball hits the hoop. Player’s eyes should never chase the flight of the ball or the defender’s hand. Proper concentration on target in spite of any disturbances and movements are extremely valuable. In this basketball shooting drill, player develops his steadiness and accuracy in making shots. (more…)