Basketball Training Aids “The Separation Factor”

The right basketball training aids can make all the difference in determining whether you are the starter or are relegated to a career on the bench. Without the proper basketball fundamentals you’d better get comfortable on the bench. The good news is you have a great view of the action, but you will never get the notice you deserve.

The Basketball training aids and products we have compiled on this site will give you an edge, and more importantly help you to perfect the basketball fundamentals you need to be able to take the leap from obscurity into the starting rotation. Believe me when I say that that is where you belong. The fact you are reading this now means you are already doing what the vast majority of basketball players never do. That is to look for help. The greatest players didn’t get there alone. They can point to people, and/or programs that gave them an edge. Humility is one of the keys to becoming the best at anything.

The Separation Factor

What is The Separation Factor? It is a simple concept of taking the steps needed to excel above the others who you are being compared to. It’s not a selfish concept, and anyone can do it if they have the proper basketball training aids and choose to apply a workman like attitude as you are. Basketball fundamentals are not learned by watching but by doing. You need to get the reps that the starters get. You need to be in the group of players that the coaches invest the most time in cause they see a high level of potential.

The Separation Factor

Early on in an athletes playing days they get put into groups. These are the starters, and the role players (bench warmers). The differences between the two groups start out as a small separation, and the gap widens as the attention goes to the starters. Using the proper basketball training aids will help you to get in the starting group, and will greatly enhance your basketball fundamentals to the point where basketball coaches will take notice, and give you the time you earn through hard work. (more…)