Basketball Drills For Guards

A basketball team cannot function well in a live game without one of its most important players, the point guard. Said to be the “play-maker” of the team, the point guard has very specific tasks that he needs to do when on the court. Creating plays and acting as the floor’s coach, he provides guidance to his teammates while the game is on going. In order to do these, the point guard must be equipped with skills like ball handling, dribbling, and passing. In order for him to accomplish what is expected of him, he must have a more than above average type of these set of skills. The only way to achieve this is by regularly performing and practicing different basketball drills for guards like himself.

Dribbling, passing, shooting and ball handling drills helps a point guard in more ways than one. Aside from improving a player’s skills, performing these drills gives the point guard a real perspective on how offense work. Since he is the one who is given the responsibility of ensuring the play is followed, he must be fast and highly skilled on the court. Basketball drills for guard helps him become this player. Once these drills are mastered, he will be able to create a smooth transition from defense to offense.

Basketball Drills For Guards

A point guard with these highly perfected skills will be able to provide great shooting opportunities for his team. He will also be able to assist his teammates in making these scores. Shooting drills also play a vital role in his perfection. A guard with a mean jump shot will make him the ace of his team. Point guards will also be more effective in making the other teams point guard useless, if he is able to master the different basketball drills for guards. All in all these drills will make a player the best point guard he can be.

Offensive Game Play

Since a point guard’s job is to execute an offensive play set by the coach. He must have a great understanding of the game. He must be able to use all his skills in setting and making the play successful. Among these skills that he must hone are ball handling, dribbling, passing and shooting. Combined and a balance set of these skills will make a great offensive play for the team.

Ball handling drills are the basic skill needed for a great point guard. Having a skillful set of abilities like this will enable the team to successfully deliver a point when planned. Good ball handling skills also helps a point guard maneuver the ball and get it into their half part of the court in the littlest time possible. Ball handling drills trains them to be quick on their feet and mind. (more…)